Handmade Mushroom Brooch – Vintage Style Forest-inspired Accessory

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Vintage Forest-style Handmade Mushroom Brooch

Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of nature with our Vintage Forest-style Handmade Mushroom Brooch. Crafted from soft milk cotton and warm wool, this brooch is meticulously handwoven, offering a comfortable and skin-friendly texture. Its unique vintage flair and forest-inspired design add a touch of art and nature to your daily attire. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your individual style. Easy to maintain, this brooch is non-pilling and can be easily cleaned with a gentle detergent. Let this brooch become a beautiful accent in your life, feeling the warmth of nature’s embrace.


  • Premium Materials: Soft milk cotton and warm wool for comfort.
  • Handmade: Each piece is uniquely crafted by artisans, full of handmade warmth.
  • Variety of Styles: Multiple colors available to meet your styling needs.
  • Unique Aesthetic: Vintage, forest-inspired, and artistic, reflecting your taste.
  • Easy Care: Non-pilling and easy to clean to keep it looking new.


  • Size: Approximately 6cm x 4cm
  • Material: Milk cotton, wool
  • Craft: Handwoven
  • Style: Multiple colors available
  • Occasions: Daily wear, gatherings, holiday decorations, etc.

Usage Tips

  • Outfits: Wear the brooch on shirts, sweaters, or jackets to add a natural and artistic touch.
  • Bags: Decorate your canvas bag with it to give it a unique personality.
  • Gift Idea: A thoughtful gift that conveys the warmth and sentiment of handmade craftsmanship.

Care Instructions

  • Cleaning Suggestion: If the brooch gets dirty, wash it gently with warm water and a moderate amount of detergent, then air dry.
  • Note: Avoid exposing it to sunlight for extended periods to prevent material aging.

Let this handmade mushroom brooch be a beautiful accent in your life, enjoying the gift of nature every day.

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Handmade Mushroom Brooch – Vintage Style Forest-inspired Accessory
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