Hand-Crocheted Sunflower Flower – Brighten Your Space


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[Kiss of Sunshine] Handcrafted Milk Cotton Sunflowers Series | Artistic Warmth and Emotional Conveying

Welcome to our handcrafted world, where we present to you our handwoven milk cotton sunflowers, symbolizing positivity, loyalty, and passion. From the delicate No.02 single-layered 14-petal sunflower to the majestic No.03 double-layered 36-petal flower, each one holds a silent love and awaits to bloom in your home.


  • Artistry and Functionality Combined: Made with durable milk cotton yarn, each strand displays intricate craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  • Lifelike Texture: Golden-yellow petals are soft and delicate, with unique textures that bring the sunflower to life, capturing nature’s beauty.
  • Decorative Art: Standalone or combined, they serve as a lively focal point, enhancing the vitality and warmth of your space.
  • Energy Radiating: Each bouquet carries the sun’s essence, infusing positivity into your living space.


  • No.02: Single-layered 14 petals, diameter approximately 11 cm, with a 40 cm stem
  • No.03: Double-layered 36 petals, diameter approximately 13-14 cm, accompanied by a 40 cm stem

This handcrafted milk cotton sunflower is not only a decorative highlight but also a symbol of love and warmth. Ideal for gifting to loved ones, friends, or acquaintances, each sunflower is a unique expression of affection, filling your living space with sunshine and tenderness. Search “handcrafted sunflowers” and let this artistry and warmth reach every corner of your life.

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Handcrafted SunflowersHand-Crocheted Sunflower Flower – Brighten Your Space
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