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Handcrafted Crochet Leaves-Add a Touch of Nature to Your Decor!

Elevate your home decor with our exquisite handcrafted crochet leaf collection. Each unique piece, carefully woven, brings a touch of nature to any space.


  • Premium Quality: Made from premium milk cotton, these leaves are soft, durable, and perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • Variety of Designs: Choose from banana leaves, willow leaves, eucalyptus leaves, poppy flowers, and jade plant leaves, adding a lush variety to your display.
  • Attention to Detail: Every leaf is individually crafted, showcasing the artisan’s skill.
  • Modern Style: The clean, minimalist design complements contemporary interiors beautifully.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for pairing with flowers, these leaves enhance the life of your space.


  • Material: Premium milk cotton
  • Designs: Banana leaf, willow leaf, eucalyptus leaf, poppy flower, jade plant leaf
  • Technique: Handcrafted crochet
  • Style: Contemporary, minimalist
  • Stem Length: Approximately 16 inches
  • Attributes: Soft, flexible, stylish, ideal for flower arrangements

Important Notes:

  • Some slight deformation may occur during transit; gentle adjustment is required.
  • Inner steel wires are included for support; please handle with care.
  • Slight color variations may exist between batches; please anticipate.

Timely Delivery & Post-Order Support

  • Product manufacturing time: Only requires 1-2 week, fast delivery
  • Standard delivery: Within 30 days with real-time updates
  • Rush orders: Our team is dedicated to expedite your special request

Post-arrival Assurance

  • Our customer service is committed to ensuring your satisfaction, addressing any concerns post-delivery.


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Handcrafted Crochet LeavesHandcrafted Crochet Leaves – Elegant Decor Accents
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